Listen and analyse

I will listen to understand your business goals and issues. I will document your solution requirements and agree them with you and discuss budgets.


Identify the best solution

I will use 25 years of software experience and 12 years running my own businesses to analyse and search for solution options at the right cost


Select or build

If you decide to build a solution, I'll be your IT tech guy to select and appoint developers, talking their language. Saving you time, anguish and money.


Steve Austin - Software Hunter

Steve was involved as a user representative in BT, feeding back suggestions and issues with various software solutions used in operations. He then moved to BT Martlesham where he was trained as a tester. Soon he was running the test team, then a troubleshooting development team and then Technical Services for a major BT product. In 2006 he started Junari providing bespoke software solutions and Apps. In 2013 they focussed on CRM solutions and JunariCRM+ is their highly customisable product, working beautifully in a number of market verticals.

Case Study

Software Hunters latest product is still a secret! However it has been cleared to talk about how the project went and why Software Hunter was selected etc. Use the button to go to the Case Study

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